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Grant Professor Becomes Certified!

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Grant Professional Certification Exam Prep

Top 10 Reasons to Become Grant Professional Certified

  1. Increases Credibility
  2. Improves Career Opportunities
  3. Prepares for Greater Responsibility
  4. Develops Skills & Knowledge
  5. Yields Greater Earning Potential
  6. Demonstrates Commitment
  7. Enhances Professional Image
  8. Reflects Achievement
  9. Enriches Self Esteem
  10. Fosters Peer Recognition

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8 Top Project Design Skills For Nonprofits And Grant Writers

Successful and sustainable programs and projects begin with a solid design up front and include such design tools as logic models, SMART objectives and environmental scanning. This article will focus on the 8 top “project design and development” skills that non-profit personnel and grant writers should have. Read More Here…


Grant seekers can now easily access information on, and apply for, thousands of federal grants through one secure internet source managed by the federal government. 100% of grant opportunities offered by all 26 federal grant-making agencies and many federal commissions are now available through Read More Here…

Top Grant “Jobs” And “Employers”

Whether you’re looking for a job in the grant field or looking  to hire a professional grant writer, knowledge of kinds of job titles and agencies that usually get grants, as well as skills you need is helpful. In this article, you will find common job titles to look for and employers who hire grant writers, as well as 5 top skills needed by grant professionals. Read More Here…

18 Grant “Seeking” Skills All Non-Profits Need

You can’t begin to write proposals until you locate funders who are the best matches for your projects and programs. This article focuses on:

  • The skill of grant research;
  • 18 top search skills that all non-profits and grant writers need to know, and
  • 3 top ways to find the best funding source matches. Read More Here…

Grant Management Job Skills Save Money

Grant managing knowledge can save your agency money, protect it from having to pay back money, and improve your project design. This article will focus on

  1. These 3 reasons why post-award management experience is critical to grant writers; and
  2. 4 top job skills you need “after” you have received your grant funding. Read More Here…

17 Top Writing Skills For Grant Certification

The 6 main grant professional skills measured by the Grant Professionals Certification exam are seeking, project designing, writing, managing, ethics and professionalism, and relationship-building. This article will focus on the 17 top “writing” competencies that grant writers should have. Read More Here…