Competency 6

10% Of Multiple Choice Test
Competency 06
Knowledge of nationally recognized standards of ethical practice by grants professionals

01.  Identify characteristics of business relationships that result in conflicts of interest or give the appearance of conflicts of interest.
02.  Identify circumstances that mislead stakeholders, have an appearance of impropriety, profit stakeholders other than the intended beneficiaries, and appear self-serving.
03.  Identify effects of choices that foster or suppress cultural diversity and pluralistic values.
04.  Distinguish between truthful and untruthful, and accurate and inaccurate representations in grant development, including research and writing.
05.  Identify issues, effects, and countermeasures pertinent to grant Professionals’ individual heritages, backgrounds, knowledge and experiences as they may affect the grant development process.
06.  Identify funding sources that may present conflicts of interest for specific grant seekers and applicants.
07.  Identify issues and practices pertinent to communicating information that may be considered privileged, proprietary, and confidential.
08.  Identify unethical and illegal expenditures in a budget.
09.  Distinguish between ethical and unethical methods of payment for the grant-development process.
10.  Distinguish between ethical and unethical commitment, performance, and reporting of activities funded by a grant.