Competency 4

25% Of Multiple Choice Test
Competency 04
Knowledge of how to craft, construct, and submit an effective grant application

01.  Interpret grant application request for proposal (RFP) guidelines and requirements (e.g., abstracts and summaries, problem statements and needs assessments, introductions of organizations and capability statements, references and past performance requirements, timelines, narrative formats, budget formats, standard forms and assurances, scoring rubrics) to ensure high quality responses.
02.  Identify elements of standard grant proposal applications (e.g., needs assessments and statements, project objectives, project designs and methods, project narratives, activities, action plans, timelines, project evaluations, budgets, dissemination plans, future funding or sustainability statements, appendices, attachments).
03.  Identify work strategies for submitting high-quality proposals on time.
04.  Identify accurate and appropriate data sources to support proposal narratives.
05.  Identify appropriate, sequential, consistent, and logical presentations of grant-narrative elements and ideas among or within proposal components.
06.  Identify proposal-writing approaches, styles, tones, and formats appropriate for proposing organizations and various audiences.
07.  Identify appropriate and accurate uses of visuals to highlight information.
08.  Identify effective practices for developing realistic, accurate line-item and narrative budgets and for expressing the relationship between line-items and project activities in the budget narrative.
09.  Identify sources of in-kind matches for project budgets.
10.  Identify factors that limit how budgets should be written (e.g., matching requirements, supplanting issues, indirect costs, prevailing rates, performance-based fees, client fees, collective bargaining, allowable versus non-allowable costs).
11.  Identify evaluation models and components appropriate to grant applications.
12.  Identify methods for submitting proposals electronically.