Competency 3

20% Of Multiple Choice Section
Competency 03
Knowledge of strategies for effective program and project design and development

01.  Identify methods of soliciting and incorporating meaningful substantive input and contributions by stakeholders, including client groups, beginning with the development of a new concept or program.
02.  Identify methods of building partnerships and facilitating collaborations among applicants.
03.  Identify strategies for educating grant applicants about financial and programmatic accountability to comply with funder requirements.
04.  Identify structures, values, and applications of logic models as they relate to elements of project design.
05.  Identify appropriate definitions of and interrelationships among elements of project design (e.g., project goals, objectives, activities, evaluation).
06.  Identify design and development decisions that are data-based (e.g., descriptive, qualitative, environmental, statistical).
07.  Identify existing community resources that aid in developing programs and projects.
08.  Identify effects of accurate and defensible evaluation designs in program and project success and sustainability.