Competency 2

10% of Multiple Choice Test
Competency 02
Knowledge of organizational development as it pertains to grant seeking

01.  Identify methods for coordinating organizations’ grants development with various available funding streams.
02.  Assess organizations’ capacity for grant seeking.
03.  Assess organizations’ readiness to obtain funding for and implement specific projects.
04.  Identify methods for assisting organizations to implement practices that advance grant readiness.
05.  Identify values, purposes, and goals of fund-seeking entities’ overall strategic plans in the grants process.
06.  Identify methods of conducting mission-focused planning and needs assessments with applicant organizations.
07.  Identify strategies and procedures for obtaining internal institutional support and approval of decision-makers for grant-seeking activities.
08.  Identify appropriate methods of working with local, state, and federal agencies and stakeholders to support grant seeking.
09.  Identify practices of grant seeking that are outside the boundaries of applicable laws and regulations.